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Weimaraner Breed

Weimaraners are beautiful, loyal and intelligent dogs that make wonderful pets and are versatile hunters. With their sound temperament and extraordinary personality the Weim is a good choice for someone who truly wants a canine companion as part of their daily life. They require human companionship and daily attention.

Weimaraners (blue, gray and silvers gray) at Miller's Kennels are known for their superb companionship, being very social, energetic, and some of the best hunters in the country.
This is why you can find Miller's Weim's in Germany where they first originated. My Weimaraners have a fine aristocratic features about them. They have stamina, grace, speed and alertness, characteristics that is proven to be in Weim's. I think it is imperative to produce Weim's that can do a little of everything including being first and foremost a great family companion. Weim's are very dominant and should be put through obedience training. You must be able to control your Weimaraner or he will control you. However, a properly trained and socialized Weimaraner can behave properly. " Weimaraners require exercise and a structured routine. They will become destructive and/or disobedient if they do not receive adequate exercise and have a structured routine.

The Weimaraner will be a part of your family and life. It is not a dog that you can throw out in the back yard and give 5 to 10 minutes of your time to on a daily basis." They do make a great family dog; they love children and are good guardians and watch dogs. Here at Miller’s Kennel I have the mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, of most of my puppies. You are welcome to see anytime.