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Drex has been a great joy to our live!! Although, I think he is going to great lengths to stress me on the 'house breaking'! Plus he is still the outcast with Kiger, the older weimaraner, and the toy Minpin!! Drex is kind and very loving!! When he gets in trouble, he is there at your feet looking for your love once more! I think his favorite past time is a car ride. Kiger never behaved in the car.
He weighs close to 30 lbs.
He did get all his shots on 12-03-07. Here are some pics...

Just wanted to say hi and let you know that whisper is doing real good. We just received a new puppy and they are getting along great. I have sent a picture of whisper and her new brother.
Thanks again for letting us get a puppy from you, she is a great pup and has been a great addition for the past 2 years.

Hello Melissa,
Its Brad and Jessica and we just wanted to say THANK-YOU for breeding such wonderful Labs, Sadie is now 8 months old and is doing great!!!! She is an excellent hunting and retrieving dog and gets along great with any person or animal she meets. She is the best thing to happen to my wife and I in a long time!! As you know I work offshore like Andy and it is very comforting to know my wife has Sadie there to help out with the loneliness that sometimes occurs with our jobs. I tell everyone where I got her and how easy it was to buy Sadie from you and about all the help and advice you were willing to give to us. Thanks again and hope all is well. I will email pictures to you as soon as I can.
Take Care,

Hi! Thank you so much for our puppy! Tanker is now almost 10 weeks old. He's growing like crazy! The vet keeps telling me that we got a great looking and healthy dog. My girls are loving him too! They play with him and give him lots of hugs. Our youngest, who is almost two, has found her new best friend. He lets her pull his tail or ear. He likes to follow her around everywhere.
We are still working on potty training. Almost has it down, just an accident every few days. He just needs to learn to sleep longer in the morning. He likes to be up at 6am and he wants someone up with him.
I just want to say thank you for him. Everyone who sees him loves him and thinks he's adorable.

Update on Keeli
Hey Miller family,
I am so excited to share these photos of Keeli swimming. I can't tell you how thrilled I am that she is such a swimmer!! These were taken in Lake Michigan at a dog beach that I think will become Keeli's new hang out!!
Anyways, I hope you enjoy the photos!!

Well the girls are fast approaching a year, and I thought you might like seeing them enjoying the lake, the paddle boat, the pontoon boat and the golf cart. We have created qiut the monsters with the golf cart, it doesn't move unless one or both of them is on it !!!! Same with the pontoon boat. We are very pleased with grls, they learn quick and are very well mannered and they listen so well for young pups. We couldn't be happier.

PS at 10 1/2 months, Molly weighed in at 73 lbs and Maggie weighed in at 81 lbs

Hello. I don't have alot of time this morning but wanted to let you know how Willhelm "Will" is doing. We love him! He is very lovable and quite the character. He plays and then has to nap! He also loves being outside--very curious about everything. He and Daisy are slowly becoming buddies.
We purchased a crate for him to sleep in and have a ton of chew toys for him. He can go through one pig ear in 2 hours time! He is staying in the house with us too.
I will try to send pics but I am not a computer guru so it takes more time than I have this morning.
Thank you for Will.
He is a wonderful addition to our family.

Dear Melissa,
Hi there! I wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Maggie. She is the most adorable, darling baby puppy and we love her very much. She is a huge part of our family and I can't thank you enough for picking her out for me. She's just perfect. I need to get her a sister though! Let me know when you next have Irish Setter pups.
Love, Anne